Tiffany Carbonneau & Dmitry Strakovsky
Title: Channels
Place: Imaginarium Gallery, Lodz Municipal Culture House
Adress: ul. Traugutta 18
Date: 19.10 (friday), 5 p.m.; open to 31.10.


The banks of the river clad in stones and iron outline the flow of water, embracing it and preparing it to generate income in the form of roads, connecting global communities and driving the culture with variety of goods. The electronic system allows for a similar motion at the microscopic level: electrons jump from atom to atom and safely pass through the resistances and semiconductors, creating a flow of data that our eyes see as a picture and ears hear as a sound.


The exhibition explores our (human) capability to control this channel through electronic media that define our contemporary reality.


Dmitry Strakovsky: Anthem
“Anthem” is an interactive installation that consists of two parts: a video game (which visitors can use) and a preview (consisting of an LCD TV with headphones). Cameras and microphones directed to the game console process the data captured during game play. The result is an abstract image which is sent to the LCD TV. The visitors experience an obvious contrast between themselves acting as programmed by giant entertainment corporations and their passive experience. The construction of this system creates a situation in which the nuances in the relationship between these seemingly opposing ways of experiencing the world are highlighted.


Tiffany Carbonneau
For the past three years, Tiffany Carbonneau was documenting international waterways which include the Hudson River near Container Terminal in New York, Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Yangtze River as well as other industrial waterways in China, river Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, and very soon, the Vistula River in Warsaw, Poland. Carbonneau will prepare a presentation of the various video works in a way that emphasizes different parts of the gallery space. Collation of the images will allow viewers to create a connection between them and the communities that are located near the sites for the transport of goods (in the local as well as global). The form of presentation differs from the traditional nature of the exposure. Artist's work challenges our perception in a post digital age and makes us to re-examine our own internal networks, as well as our relationship with the information presented.


Thanks for hardware support to RCS Computer Systems, Krakow / Authorized Apple showroom and online store



Olga Podfilipska – Krysińska
Title: Light as a substance of art - pulsation and vibration of contemporary jewelery
Place: Irish Pub
Adress: Piotrkowska 77
Date: 19-21.10


Jewelry designer and jewelry assistant in the Department of the Jewelry at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She presented her work at numerous exhibitions and competitions in Poland and abroad (Germany, Italy, South Korea, Lithuania, Russia, Austria). In 2003 was awarded first prize in the category of Young Designer of Prodeco, competition organized by Elle Decoration. Light in the jewelry interests her since 2003.


During Festival Olga Podfilipska-Krysińska will present three collections of jewelry - each of them shows different way of dealing with light. The first part uses shining of reflected light the way jewelry shine through the ages, but in place of traditional materials (stones, etc.) introducing a less conventional alternatives. The second part consists of the jewelry shining with their own light - through the use of modern technologies. The third part consists of the jewelry created from the very light, treating it as a substance. Collection was presented for the first time during the defense of the doctoral thesis in October 2011, and later shown at an exhibition in Vilnius and Erfurt.


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