Festival’s city games are the opportunity to experience every light activities on your own! During festival days three city games will be held – each will provide the chance to live through Festival’s events in different way. Contestants will hide from the light in the city's nooks and crannies and try to break secret codes. One of the games will cover the entire Festival’s area – those who see all will be prized!


Date: Friday to Sunday, 7 to 10 p.m. – outcome announcement on Sunday, 21.10
Place: Festival's area
Registration of players: Lightpicking Center (Pasaż Rubinsteina)
Collect particles of light all over the Festival’s area! Do you participate in every Festival’s event? Go and get the most of it! Earn light points for each event, perform extra tasks, reach higher levels and win prizes!


Dark night in a prison cell… There is only you and the time… Suddenly the door opens and you are given an unparalleled opportunity – you can sneak out and escape. In is not simple task thou. Every prison is a closely guarded place and this one secured by high-tech alarm systems and adamant guardians of the towers. It is dexterity, vigilance and ruthless time than count. Will you succeed?
Date: Friday, 19.10, 7 to 10 p.m., you can enter the game any time (it takes approximately 10 minutes to play)
Place: backyard on Piotrkowska Street
Teams: 2 people (if you do not have a partner we will find you some)


Munus Lucerna
Light-absorbents – murky creatures with photophobia only wait for world to become the darkest place. Every one of them feeds on a different color of light. Unfortunately, this time they came to Łódź lured by positive energy generated by lovers of light, who arrived at the Festival. The city is in danger of total darkness. What can be done to get rid of light-absorbents?
Date: Saturday, 20.10, 6 to 8.30 p.m. (every contestant starts at the same time)
Place: Lightpicking Center (Pasaż Rubinsteina)
Teams: 2 people (if you do not have a partner we will find you some)
Equipment: cell phone with photocode reader application

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